From travel issues to facing rude family members, the holidays can get anyone down. But what always makes the holiday season better? FOOD. 

Lift your bestie's spirit with these 20 food-inspired gifts. 


If your stylish friend goes to Starbucks as much as the mall, they'd appreciate this nod toward the caffeine mecca.

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Starbucks ring ($17, Etsy


But if your friend is more of a Starbucks-on-the-go person, then these Starbucks holiday cup earrings are PERFECT. 

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Starbucks earrings ($18, Etsy


This lollipop ring looks delicious, but don't encourage your friends to eat it! 

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Lollipop rings ($17, Etsy


Pair the coffee mug ring with this half-eaten doughnut design.

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Donut ring ($17, Etsy


These takeout boxes are VERY realistic. 

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Take out earrings ($28, Etsy


While your friend wears the takeout boxes, you should wear the egg roll earrings. 

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Egg roll earrings ($26, Etsy


Mismatched coffee and croissant earrings are the perfect pairing.

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Coffee and croissant earrings ($17, Etsy)


Who isn't obsessed with Cheez-Its? Get your pals these nifty earrings. 

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Cheez-It earrings ($14, Etsy


Make sure you don't leave this Oreo necklace in the kitchen. 

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Oreo necklace ($17, Etsy


For your coffee shop regular friends, get this pumpkin spice latte purse.

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Pumpkin Spice latte purse ($78, Lord & Taylor


Macaroni and cheese with a shoulder strap is a look that no one would turn down.

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Smack n cheese ($68, Betsey Johnson


Got a bestie with a sweet tooth? This bright pink purse will do the trick. 

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Sweet Tooth crossbody ($68, Betsey Johnson


Is it a doughnut or a mirror? Either way you deserve both. 

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Donut compact ($35, Betsey Johnson


Your friend can write thank you notes to you after you give her this cupcake pen. #Yourewelcome. 

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Cupcake pen ($35, Betsey Johnson


Really, this is the best reminder that any friend could receive. 

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Available up to a size 4X unisex. 

Eat more hole foods ($20.20, Etsy


This shirt will probably be orange after the first wear. 

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Available up to a size 3X men's. 

Cheetos T-shirt ($17, Etsy


Who knew eggs could ALSO be provocative? 

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Available up to a size unisex XL. 

Egg T-shirt ($19.99, Etsy


If they love bread more than Oprah, then get them these slippers. 

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Available up to a size 10 men's. 

Hot dog bun slippers ($29.95, Beloved Shirts


Why not get a matching pillow for max nom comfort?

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Bread pillow ($33.95, Beloved Shirts


For those #teamhealthy friends, there's always this realistic fruit pillow. 

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Fruit pillows ($13.95, Beloved Shirts

See? Holiday shopping's done. Just make sure your friend doesn't eat any of the food-inspired gifts. Seriously. 

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