Tattoo necklaces are a '90s staple.

These are handmade, and the shop owner allows you to choose between the classic black and rainbow. ($2.95, Kawaii Kiosk)


Could this simple gold collar be any cooler?

So understated it's almost classic, but the lack of length gives it an edge. ($35, GLDN Jewelry) 


A black mesh choker is pure goth fabulousness.


It's festival season, and what could be better than this leather choker?

If you're heading to Coachella, this subtle choker is definitely the move. ($21 and up, Gloria Snow)


Paging Rihanna: this vinyl choker is perfection.

If Bad Gal Riri doesn't, I'm going to wear this every day. ($33, Shop Kadabra)


A delicate star choker is beyond adorable.

Again, the short length saves this from being too precious. ($10.23, The Cosmic Chic)


My tween Twihard self wants this so badly.

For when you're dreaming of your own vampire lover. ($5.10, Dark Castle Designs)