Betsey Johnson has done it again and created another adorable line of Disney ears for Walt Disney Parks!

The quirky designer created a pair of Little Mermaid-themed ears with reversible sequins, plus an entire line of accessories inspired by the movie. The first pair of Mickey ears she designed for the theme park were Minnie Mouse–inspired and were adorably quirky. These new ears and accessories are as delightfully extra and gaudy as the designer's creations.

The collection will arrive at Disney Parks on Friday, February 21, and will be available online starting in March.

The wonderfully gaudy Betsey Johnson designed the collection of Disney gear. 

Johnson is notorious for her quirky, sparkly, and over-the-top designs. It makes perfect sense that she would design for Disney. The glittering line of accessories translates perfectly when it comes to Ariel's treasure trove.

First up is a cute pair of fork aka Dinglehopper earrings. 

If Ariel had her own jewelry line, I guarantee it would be as creative as Johnson's entire line. These Dinglehopper earrings are so adorable and feature a purple starfish dangling off the end. Of course they are entirely bedazzled for extra under-the-sea sparkle.

The Little Mermaid Mickey ears headband features reversible sequins. 

Everyone is thrilled by these underwater ears featuring mermaid-style reversible sequins. While you're waiting in line, keep yourself and your friends amused by flipping the sequins back-and-forth from teal to pink. 

These Flounder and Sebastian mismatched earrings are too cute. 

Ariel's sidekicks Flounder and Sebastian deserved a spot in the accessories line, and are perfectly placed on these asymmetrical earrings. Shells, starfish, and other aquatic creatures are also present on these dangling baubles. 

This extra bracelet with lots of shells and doodads fits in perfectly with the collection. 

Johnson isn't known for her subtlety and this bracelet emphasizes that. It features pearls, shells, Dinglehoppers, and a few characters from the film. It's definitely fitting for both the collection and the animated feature. I could see Princess Ariel rocking this in her grotto. 

This necklace looks like it was created from baubles in Ariel's secret treasure trove. 

The set wouldn't be complete without this massive gold necklace. The designer will be celebrating the launch of the collection at the Disney Dress Shop in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort on Friday, February 21, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., so if you're in the area, check it out! The highly coveted and limited collection is likely to sell out before it releases online. 

Fans are already obsessed with the reversible sequin design from the quirky fashion icon.

One fan tweeted, "I’ve been waiting forever for someone to release some mermaid sequin ears! Finally! Betsey Johnson Designed @Disney's New Little Mermaid Ears, and There Are Reversible Sequins!" The adorable ears are teal and pale pink with bedazzled Flounder and Sebastian figurines in the center. 

Get yourself to Disney ASAP to try to nab these ears!

Another fan tweeted, "I need to go to Disney again. Betsey Johnson designed little mermaid ears." It's so true! These ears and accessories are available beginning February 21 at the parks, but if you can't make it in person, keep an eye out for the release online come March. The line is limited-edition, though, so it won't be available for long!