It's Monday, which means it's time for you all to meet my newest hilarious internet obsession: @thebigbagclub. It's an Instagram account by Milan-based graphic designer Virginia Rolle, who photoshops handbags into cartoonishly large versions of themselves. There are Prada bags big enough for elephants; Louis Vuitton bags so big, they'll charge you for three checked bags at the airport; Chanel bags that can fit a litter of full-grown Great Danes — which is great for New Yorkers who want to bring their dog on the train but are limited by the MTA's dog-in-bag rule.

But most important, these bags can hold every single one of my emotions, and trust me, there are many of them. So many of them that my suitcase bulges under the weight of my tears. But @thebigbagclub gives me hope that one day, I can have a container for my feelings.

Here's a stunning leather Khaite tote bag for when I'm feeling casual.

And by casual, I mean, my feelings aren't threatening to spill out over the top and ruin anyone's day. With its lack of structure and free-flowing energy, this big bag says "I took my medication today and nothing is going to get me down."

This darling Christian Dior bag is great for those extra emotions.

"Extra" emotions is a double entendre, of course, because my emotions are already numerous enough to be called extra and out-of-control enough to be described as extra. On days when I'm feeling chaotic neutral, this checkered bag will make a passerby wonder: "Is her vibe harsh or mellow today?" Always keep them guessing!

This Simon Miller clutch is perfect for days when I can barely keep it together.

Ah yes, the perennial paper lunch bag silhouette, now in fancy expensive leather form. This bag, which needs to be gripped firmly and deliberately, is perfect for days when I am on the verge of exploding my emotions into a million different directions. See how the bag is threatening to unfold at any moment? That's the metaphor for my feelings. Get it? I guess it's not a funny joke if I have to explain the joke :(

A fuzzy Stand bag for when I'm in bed looking at wholesome dog memes.

This bag doubles as a pillow, where I can lay down anywhere and scroll through @round.boys, @flooofers, and @spicydogmemes on a rainy day. That red also screams obsessive love, but the fuzziness tempers it into crush-level hysterics. After the dog memes, I can try flirting with a cute boy on Hinge, and the soft bag will cushion the blow when he replies with "k."

This Chanel situation is the emotional baggage equivalent of rbf.

And I don't mean that simply because the model is displaying rather impressive rbf (excuse me while I take notes on her pout, it is truly inspirational). I mean that because the Chanel bag's signature quilting makes it look like a fence between myself and the world. It says to everyone: "Yes, I'm cute and fun, but today is not the day. Don't even try me."

A Chanel bag for my "positive" feelings, which, believe it or not, I do have sometimes.

There's a misconception that being a messy feelings monster means that I am always filled with despair. And that's mostly true! But sometimes I am, uh, happy, and this bag reflects that. Like, it literally reflects happiness: Its leather mirror finish is so shiny, it can be seen from outer space. Even overly emotional people like to be the center of attention sometimes.

And finally, this Nanushka bag can withstand my brain, and that's saying a lot.

Look, sometimes I need to bust out the big guns — or big bags, as it were. This Nanushka bag is huge enough to hide behind when I'm in public or when I'm in the midst of a full-blown mental crisis. Its giant size can easily fit my myriad of psychiatric symptoms, which is great because lugging them around in today's trendy tiny bags is exhausting. I sure wish I'd had this bag to stuff my emotions into when I had a nervous breakdown last year, but alas, hindsight is 20/20.