It's already Wednesday, and I'm still suffering serious #FOMO from not getting to attend the "Black Panther" premiere. (I mean, did you see Lupita Nyong'o's dress? My goodness!) But the good news is, although I may not be an A-lister, I can still pretend to be a Wakanda princess with this purse inspired by the film. 

This sleek "Black Panther" purse looks like it stepped right off the Wakanda Fashion Week runway. 

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"Black Panther" handbag ($69.99, ThinkGeek

No, Wakanda Fashion Week doesn't exist (yet), but we can dream. The Loungefly x Marvel purse is made from faux leather and features metallic design that mimics the Black Panther's suit.

At $69.99, the purse will definitely make a statement when you walk into the movie theater (that is, if you were lucky enough to get a ticket). 

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"Black Panther" purse ($69.99, ThinkGeek

Yes, I know it's not exactly the most inexpensive piece of Marvel merch, but at least you can wear it to the three to four sequels you KNOW it'll probably make. 

Now if only Marvel would just start selling cardboard cutouts of Chadwick Boseman, then my life will be complete. 

Visit ThinkGeek to check out the purse and to see more "Black Panther" merch

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