In the past year or so, blue light glasses have been all the rage. These glasses, which block harmful blue light from tech devices, are said to reduce headaches, boost productivity, prevent blurry vision and eye strain, and help users get a better night's sleep, among other benefits.

For a long time, blue light–blocking glasses had unsightly yellow lenses — but now, they're super stylish! DIFF Eyewear has a ton of cute blue light glasses (available in prescription, non-Rx, and readers) — these are some of their top sellers!

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1. Jade, $85

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These classic glasses have 548 five-star reviews from customers. The glasses come in 17 different colors (various frames and lenses). One customer wrote, "These glasses are amazing and protect my eyes from using my phone and computer!! They’re so cute and I’ve gotten so many compliments!! LOVE!"


2. Sawyer, $85

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These slightly retro glasses have 344 five-star reviews. They come in 15 different colors. One happy customer wrote, "This was my first pair of blue light glasses. I love them! I will definitely be buying more."


3. Jaxson, $85

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These blue light glasses are extremely flattering on every face shape. Plus, they have 333 five-star reviews. One customer wrote, "These are a must have. I have gotten so many compliments on these glasses and they work so well and I can actually see a difference."


4. Bella, $85

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These chunky glasses are bold and trendy. The come in six chic colors, and they're perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. They have 115 five-star reviews. One customer said, "These glasses have changed the game for me. As a college student, I am constantly on my computer, whether it’s for taking notes in class, to reading online, to writing papers. I used to get terrible migraines. Ever since I started using these blue light glasses, I no longer have headaches! I have been recommending them to all of my friends! Plus, they are ADORABLE! I have been getting tons of compliments on these oversized beauties!"


5. Haze, $85

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These stylish glasses come in four different colors. They have 84 five-star reviews. One customer wrote, "I absolutely love these glasses! They fit perfectly and are the right look I needed. The vintage crystal is a great option if you don’t like clear but you don’t want anything standard. I get lots of compliments on them! Even better when I get to tell them about what a great company I support. LOVE LOVE LOVE!"