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Disney princesses are great, what with their flowing hair and ballgown game. But let's face it: it's the evil queens who have BEST style.

New York-based brand Chromat makes INCREDIBLE, architecturally-inspired crowns for the goth queen in you.

chromat crown evil queen disney
photo: Chromat
Chromat also makes headlines for their body-positive swim and activewear looks, but these bold crowns offer another reason to celebrate. Crown headband ($96, Chromat)

The crown headbands are made from plastic corset boning and elastic, which means not only will you look like the queen of the world, your crown will be comfortable as well.
photo: Dollskill

Nobody can rule an evil empire with a headache.

The crown is also available in white, because hey, sometimes villains are into that.

($70, Dollskill)

But that's not all. Chromat also makes the most chic-to-death mouse ears, perfect for the dark-hearted

Chromat Minnie Mouse Ears Disney Princess
photo: Chromat
You can take the girl out of Disney World, but you can't take Disney World out of the girl. Minnie ears ($88, Chromat).

Even Catwoman's mask gets a fresh, elasticated update.

Chromat mask catwoman cat woman superhero
photo: Chromat
Catwoman mask ($96, Chromat)

Because these headpieces have stretch, you can style them however you want.

chromat catwoman mask cat woman queen superhero
photo: Chromat
That Catwoman mask ($96, Chromat) worn backwards is perfect.

Long live the (evil) queen!

Chromat crown disney princess evil queen
photo: Chromat

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