For Muggles on a budget, it can be challenging to find affordable Harry Potter merch. But thanks to Danielle Nicole's new Harry Potter collab, you can easily get merch for every witch and wizard in your life this Christmas. 

The line, which ranges from $38 to $78, features items for every Hogwarts house, but are totally wearable off-campus, too. 

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Gryffindor pouch ($38, Danielle Nicole

The line is also an official collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, so you know this merch is wizard-approved. 

Carry your Marauder's Map in style with this backpack that features Harry's lightning bolt and glasses. 

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Bolt backpack ($78, Danielle Nicole

Every house has a "uniform clutch," which means you can wear the Hogwarts uniform on the reg. 

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Gryffindor uniform clutch ($48, Danielle Nicole

Probably the most stylish of all the houses, Slytherin's clutch features the house's mascot: a snake. 

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Slytherin house pouch ($38, Danielle Nicole

Maybe the brand's customer service speaks Parseltongue?

Many of the clutches, like this Ravenclaw design, are embroidered in glitter. What's more magical than glitter? 

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Ravenclaw house pouch ($38, Danielle Nicole

I don't know why, but they also made Hufflepuff clutches. 

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Hufflepuff pouch ($38, Danielle Nicole

Just kidding, Hufflepuffs are great!

Visit Danielle Nicole to pre-order the items! 

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Hufflepuff uniform clutch ($48, Danielle Nicole)