Kim Kardashian knows that desperate times call for desperate measures. And when the look calls for maximum cleavage and zero lingerie, Kardashian's sexy outfits belie the work that goes into them. That's right, she uses duct tape to secure her breasts when a bra just won't do. Genius? Totally. And she shared footage of her duct tape bra glory days. You'll look at a roll of that humble shiny gray tape a little differently.

Behold, the duct tape bra circa ... 2008, maybe?

Here it is, the duct tape bra, for everyone who absolutely needed to see it. In this undated photo, Kardashian rigs up the duct tape (or is that masking tape?) for when she needs to ditch the bra while wearing a low-cut top. No one said fashion was easy, folks.

Don't hate the player, hate the impossibly low-cut tops.

photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

Hey, the duct tape bra isn't half bad! It may look totally silly, but Kardashian is willing to do what she's gotta do for the look. Her taped breasts look rather impressively lifted and supported, so there's no snark here: if it works, it works.

Sometimes the DIY method doesn't go as planned.

photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

Still, while I admire Kardashian's commitment to whatever it takes to get her look on point, sometimes things don't always go as planned. Kardashian also shared a series to photos displaying her chest when the duct tape bra goes terribly wrong. Here, one breast is lower than the other. "NOT evenly taped boobs!" she wrote. The tragedy!! 

When it comes to fashion solutions, Kardashian is certifiably punk rock.

photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

Kardashian has a history of MacGyvering solutions to her fashion quandaries. She's snipped the leg off control shorts for gowns with a high slit, dyed her shapewear in the tub with tea bags so it matched her skin tone, and is no stranger to waist corsets for whittling down her organs for the sake of the look. Creativity comes in many forms, folks.

In Kardashian Land, no good idea goes uncommercialized.

Naturally, she's capitalizing off her duct tape bra and has introduced body tape to her SKIMS "solution wear" line. It's a brilliant idea, actually, and I could see this having many purposes outside of taping breasts under a bra-unfriendly top. Hickeys around your neck? Ditch the turtleneck and concealer and cover it up with body tape. Giant bruise on your thigh from bumping into the coffee table after coming home at 3 a.m.? Tape it over and wear your miniskirt with your head held high. While you're at it, tape up those knees in case your date takes you ice skating, because that's a thing, apparently.