When you think about it, it's obvious why we all want to be mermaids — you get to rock flowing rainbow hair, electric colored eyeliner, and of course, douse yourself in glitter.

Now, sea sirens can show the world they're royalty with these incredible mermaid crowns handmade made by the Etsy genius at store Spellbound Crowns.

These hand-crafted crowns look like Trident actually conjured them from the ocean floor himself.

Prices range from $25 to $100 (depending upon the intricacy of the handmade piece), making them fairly accessible to mermaids of every budget.

mermaid crown
photo: Etsy

The Moonrise Mermaid Seashell Crown ($35, Etsy)

With magical accents and a a variety of colors, every kind of land mermaid can get their summer slay on; from delicate coral princesses...

... to dark magic mavens.

The Abyss Crown dark magic gothic mermaid crown
photo: Etsy

The Abyss Crown Dark Magic Gothic Mermaid Crown ($50, Etsy).

The coolest part? You can have them customized to perfectly accent everything from your cosplay to your wedding dress.

The Artic Brine Crown
photo: Etsy

The Artic Brine Crown ($40, Etsy)

And if mermaids aren't your thing there are plenty of other creative crowns you can check out.

But rest assured if you want to slay a little extra hard at the beach this summer, a seashell crown will totally take you to the next level.

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