Nowadays, there are Disney ears for basically anything. If you don’t believe me, just search Minnie ears and you’ll find every kind of set under the sun, from ones featuring Starbucks cups to others covered in flowers. The thing is, although Minnie ears are gorgeous works of art, they’re not exactly functional. So what's a Disney fan supposed to do when the sun is scorching hot but they don’t want to give up their Minnie ears

Well, Rita Lane Vintage has found the perfect solution with these sun hats.

The hat features sequin lettering with two large circles to mimic Minnie's ears. 

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Floppy straw hat ($37.50, Etsy

People have gotten pretty creative when sneaking in Disney themes on clothing. I love the subtle Minnie ears that are only visible from an aerial view. It's sure to make any Disney stan smile!

The hat also comes in tan with a similar lettering, but at the same price! 

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Straw hat ($37.50, Etsy

This hat is HUGE, so I'm pretty sure it will protect you from the sun much better than Disney ears ever could. 

While I prefer the tan version, the white could go with any sundress you decide to wear for Dapper Day. So what are you waiting for? Visit Etsy and Rita Lane Vintage for more Disney-inspired pieces! 

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