If you're a Harry Potter fan, you know there's NOTHING you won't buy to express your love.

From figurines to hardcover books, Hogwarts alums (or those who just wish they were) are known to spend some serious cash. And these new Harry Potter-themed blankets from Pendleton are no exception.

These limited edition "Harry Potter" blankets are a whopping $300, and they don't even include any magical powers!

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Gryffindor blanket ($299, Pendleton

What do I look like? A Malfoy? Goodness, you'd think they'd appreciate that some witches and wizards are on a budget. 

Although the blankets ARE beautiful, they're honestly too pretty to sleep on.

If I owned a $300 blanket, it would NEVER touch a mere mortal, much less go on my bed! Apparently even Pendleton knows how ~special~ they are, since they numbered the blankets that were released in junction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, according to Cosmopolitan

Each Hogwarts house gets its own blanket, which subtly blends Hogwarts motifs into Pendleton's trademark woven style.

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Ravenclaw blanket ($299, Pendleton

For $300, a wand and my Hogwarts acceptance letter better be included. 

Defense against the dark arts of my wallet, more like it.

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Slytherin blanket ($299, Pendleton

I need these prices to sssslidee away from me real quick. 

Hey Hufflepuffs, deserve blankets too (and a hefty discount).

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Hufflepuff blanket ($299, Pendleton)

They also have smaller versions for ONLY $99.50!

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Crib blanket ($99.50, Pendleton)

I really do like the design on the blanket, but I'll just have to check my account at Gringotts to pick up this bad boy.

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Crib blanket ($99.50, Pendleton

If you're a witch on the go, they also have scarves for a bargain! Not really.

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Messenger muffler ($79.50, Pendleton

Yes, I did really type $79.50. No those aren't special tassels that'll transport you to the Forbidden Forest, but at least it'll keep you warm! 

I appreciate that this scarf pays homage to every Hogwarts house, but the price isn't muggle-friendly.

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Houses muffler ($79.50, Pendleton

Although I though the prices are "riddikulus" to me, you might want to snag one for an upcoming Quidditch match.

In the meantime, I'll stop by Diagon Alley to see if they're on sale. Visit Pendleton to check out the full collection!