Size inclusivity is slowly, but surely, making a powerful statement in the fashion industry. But, as it turns out, the jewelry industry is not on the same page. The plus-size community needs accessories to go with all these new styles accessible to them, but they're nowhere to be found. That's why Automic Gold decided to take matters into their own hands by calling out fatphobia in the fine jewelry world and making minimalist jewelry accessible to everyone, no matter their size or gender.

The Automic Gold website states that the brand is dedicated to being "genderless, size-inclusive, and diverse." Not only do they hire a variety of non-white, non-cis models to showcase their work, but they're also committed to posting real people without digital alterations. Most of all, though, they make jewelry to fit every size (Their rings begin at a size two and extend to a size 16).

Often, plus-sized bodies are excluded in jewelry trends, like stacking, layering, and minimalism. Finding larger (and smaller) ring sizes than the norm or bracelets and necklaces with larger measurements is not just difficult, but nearly impossible. That's exactly why Automic Gold exists and we're totally in love. Shop some of their elegant pieces below or head to the website to get a look at all they have to offer!

Automic Gold Threader ($185)

Bead Chain Ring ($44)

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Available in sizes 2 through 16.