These are "Purrmaids." For just $30, you can have your very own custom kitty-mermaid necklace created!

These custom creations can be as whimsical or as realistic as you like. You can have your real-life cat turned into a purrmaid, or commission one covered in sprinkles.

And if that's not magical enough, there are also UNICORN PURRMAIDS.

Also known as ~unimaids~

Each purrmaid is 2" long, and completely unique. You can even pick the fin shape, color, and finish!

What do you call a group of purrmaids? A school? A squad? 

Look at how magical these beautiful babies are!

We love these holographic tails.

GirlAndHerCat purrmaids
photo: GirlAndHerCat/Etsy


If you're over mermaids, you can also get a simple, glittery caticorn.

GirlAndHerCat purrmaids
photo: GirlAndHerCat/Etsy

You can't have too much sparkle when you're talking about caticorns ($20, Etsy).

Or a gold chrome if that's more your vibe.

GirlAndHerCat purrmaids
photo: GirlAndHerCat/Etsy

For the fancy cat-unicorn in your life ($20, Etsy).

But you're not just limited to cats: the designer can also create a necklaces in the shape of dogs, pandas, and even elephants. Her classic unicorns are definitely in a class of their own.

GirlAndHerCat purrmaids
photo: Kristine Martinez/Etsy

One happy customer shared a photo of this adorable figurine. Also, if you have a pet panda or elephant, we're very intrigued.

Go get your purrmaids!

photo: giphy