The collection ranges from booties to sandals to even sneakers, so you can be the fairest of them all wherever you go. 

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Good vs. Evil ($698, Ruthie Davis

On these custom leather booties, Snow White and the Evil Queen battle it out. 

The collection is DEFINITELY a splurge, since the shoes range from $498 to $798. 

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Rotten apple ($598, Ruthie Davis

Although the collection isn't available YET, you can preorder the shoes at Ruthie Davis

All of the shoes are available up to a size 10 US. 

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Rotten apple ($598, Ruthie Davis)

The back of these heels even feature the signature poison apple from the film! 

This won't be Davis' ONLY collection, since she will collaborate with Disney for 11 Disney princess lines!

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Heart & dagger ($798, Ruthie Davis

"As a woman designing for women, I wear my shoes and I am in touch with what women want. Therefore the idea of designing multiple collections inspired by each of the Disney Princesses, who are such inspirational women, is like a dream come true," Davis said via a press release. 

This is JUST the beginning. 

The bright stones on these shoes are a reference to Snow White's squad — the Seven Dwarfs — since they were miners. 

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Diamond Mine ($498, Ruthie Davis

The dwarves also make an appearance on the heels of these velvet booties. 

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Seven dwarfs ($798, Ruthie Davis

The inscription on the booties read, "The fairest of them all" (of course). 

Although Snow White had a #rough time in the forest, I love the floral imagery curving up these heels. 

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The fairest ($698, Ruthie Davis

These heels are like flower crowns for your feet! 

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Friend of the forest ($598, Ruthie Davis

If you're more #teamcomfort, slide into these sneakers. 

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Grumpy ($498, Ruthie Davis

Starting January 2018, visit these stores to pick up a pair of shoes: Kyle by Alene Too NYC, Gregory’s DallasFred Segal LA, and Ruthie Davis online.