kipling star wars
photo: Courtesy of Kipling

Like most “Star Wars” stans, I am totally LIVING for the resurgence of the franchise. A whole new generation of fans now have the chance to learn about the Force in a fresh way.

Brands are totally noticing how fans want more Jedi-themed merch, especially for the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” film debuting soon. Bag brand Kipling has made a very woke approach with a unisex merch line FULL of "Star Wars" backpacks that everyone can wear! 

The collab includes 19 pieces ranging from backpacks to keychains, but the backpacks clearly steal the show. 

gold backpack star wars
photo: Courtesy of Kipling

Taking note of the light and the dark themes in the films, the collection features a gorgeous color scheme. This gold mini backpack would be perfect at intergalactic music festivals! 

The designers also kept the diversity of "Star Wars" fans in mind when creating the collection, by making it unisex. "'Star Wars' fans are so diverse, spanning all ages, genders and styles, so we wanted to create a collection that offers something for everyone," lead designer Christine Lee said via press release. 

With Disney offering Princess Leia makeovers for both boys and girls, it's great to see brands continuing the gender-inclusivity with merchandise too! 

Starting at $15 and going up to $169, you don't have to have Princess Leia's budget in order to buy a piece.

darth vader backpack
photo: Courtesy of Kipling

Darth Vader would definitely keep his helmet in this backpack. Again, this backpack is gender-inclusive! 

To check out the full collab, visit Kipling on April 25, and Macy's on April 22! 

star wars backpacks
photo: Courtesy of Kipling

A gender-inclusive launch that features "Star Wars" merch? I'm ready to start shopping NOW. 

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