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Husson and Véronneau met about three years ago, according to Love Meow, and bonded over their love of animals... especially cats.

The couple visited Lattanzio's sanctuary back in 2012, and decided that this was where they were going to hold their wedding.

Husson and Véronneau's was the first wedding Cat House had ever hosted. Lattanzio was nervous at first, until she saw how much the cats took to the couple.

Of course, the cats were present in the photos; some of them wanted to get right up close and personal, too!

"One white kitty even followed the bride as she walked... down to the bench by the river where they were married," a Cat House of the Kings employee told Love Meow.

The day was, dare I say, purrrrfect!

Husson and Véronneau have been getting a lot of press for their unique nuptials. Watch some of it below:

h/t Love Meow