Maternity shoots are great. Maternity shoots where both parents are present are even better. And if the parents are dogs? Now we're just talking about out-of-this-world cuteness.

Chanel, a golden retriever, and her puppy-daddy LeeRoy are expecting their litter of puppies any day now, but before the big moment arrives, Chanel's human decided to organize a shoot for the pup parents.

Did they slay? Oh yes they did.

Look at this regal mama! The photos were taken by photographer Amy Rients.

"I never intended these fun photos to make such fuss in our world," she wrote on Facebook. "They were taken for pure fun."

Rients also happens to be the owner of dog dad LeeRoy.

She's really got that sleek, maternal fur coat!

"We have had a great time with the experience," Rients wrote on behalf of herself and Chanel's owner.

"But at the end of the day, we are just simple people that own the two cutest dogs in the world!!!"

Although, she's also really hoping that their furry family gets invited on "Ellen"!

See the whole photoshoot online:

Check out Rients' photography on Facebook.

h/t Bored Panda