ALERT THE INTERNET; WE HAVE GUINEA PIG COSTUMES! PetSmart has just released its Halloween 2019 pet costumes — and they're for every pet, because why should dogs and cats have all the fun? Guinea pigs totally deserve to join the party! And PetSmart is making it easy for your fur baby — of any species — to celebrate Halloween. Scroll down for more adorable photos of animals in costumes, and try not to make guinea pig squeals in delight.

Does your guinea pig need to dress up like a pineapple? DOES IT??

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Excuse me, but this pineapple guinea pig costume is absolutely crucial to my mental health, and I will be saving it as my phone background immediately. The pineapple leaves are a hat!!!! Can you believe?! How is this not front-page news?

OMG, it's a pumpkin.

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There's something so comforting about classic halloween costumes, like witches, skeletons, and pumpkins. They feel very quaint, but in a good-natured way. Like we don't have to think too hard about our costumes — and neither does your guinea pig.

Your guinea pig deserves to live its mermaid dreams.

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Look, if humans get to live out their mermaid dreams — there are entire mermaid-themed makeup lines — then so should your pet. This guinea pig costume comes with a sequined fin, a jeweled crown (I'M SOBBING), and a bodice of ... sea sponge? WHO CARES, IT'S CUTE.

Don't worry, there are costumes for good bois and girls too.

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Of course, there are costume choices aplenty for your doggle. This costume has the distinction of being either a sloth or a bear or a teddy bear — you choose! Regardless, if your dog is anything like mine, they'll be excited to wear it for about 15 minutes before they manage to chew it off themselves.

It's not a bird, it's definitely not a plane, it's your dog.

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You may have rescued your pup from a shelter, but really it was your pup who rescued you, right? Show off your pet's super cuddling abilities with this Superman costume, complete with a cape and a drawn-on belt. 

I am absolutely here for dogs dressed like food.

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Halloween isn't complete without a dog dressed up like a hot dog. Get it? Dog? In a hot dog costume? It's funny if you don't think too hard about it. It's always funnier when a dachshund is wearing this costume. I don't make the rules.

For the kitty that's not keen on costumes, consider this queenly collar.

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Cats will always be cats, and cats are not usually stoked to wear things on their bodies. But for fabulous, fashionable felines, deck them out in this simple collar in Halloween colors. Your cat will be more interested in playing with the tassels than greeting trick-or-treaters.

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