People are sharing images of their work from home-coworkers
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People are transitioning from their normal office jobs to working from home, and the best part of that is getting to spend more time with beloved pets.

Who wouldn't want to hang with their pups and kitties while getting paid? Cosmopolitan asked its followers to share the cutest images of their work from home coworkers. People are isolating in an attempt to slowing down this pandemic. Working from home and taking online classes have been proven ways to do that. 

Those who are benefiting most from the quarantine are definitely pets. 

Thank you, Cosmo, for requesting these adorable images. 

As the whole world is bored and stuck at home, we could use all of the positives we can get. One major plus to this whole crisis and quarantining is getting to spend more time at home with pets and loved ones. 

Cosmopolitan magazine tweeted, "THREAD: Show us (and off) your new wfh assistants, including but not limited to: cute pets (good bois, floofs, doggos, cattos, birbs, etc.) plants, snacks, stuffed animals, & wine." 

One adorable coworker is this scrappy pup, Scrapple. 

Jen Ortiz, who works for the magazine, showed off her hardworking assistant Scrapple. "Scrapple = good boy, bad assistant," she tweeted. The adorable pup was looking pleased with its momma at home. 

One follower showed off a stuffed animal assistant. 

One follower replied, "Meet Macaroni! Does not have opposable thumbs or a central nervous system so he is terrible at replying to emails." When we're at home alone, any and all companionship is necessary, even inanimate ones. 

Pets don't seem to make the best coworkers, but they do make the best companions. 

Those who are sitting home alone have suggested that pets are a great way to break up the day and not feel so lonely. Maybe this is a great time to try out fostering a dog or cat who needs a home during this crisis too. "Finn might be the Goodest Boi but he is not great at managing my calendar," one user replied. 

Of course, good old fashioned wine is the best happy hour partner out there. 

Sometimes a nice glass of wine at the end of the day is all you need. "Counting down the hours until I’m reunited with my best assistant again," one person tweeted. 

These coworkers aren't worried about the economy — they're paid in love. 

One person replied, "He gets paid with belly rubs." Some of these coworkers can provide friendly distraction from the constant spread of doomsday tweets and memes. 

While pets may not be the hardest workers, we still love them. 

"Tito laying down on the job per usual," another person tweeted. So what if these pets aren't the most hardworking, they sure did brighten my spirits. Be right back, I'm gonna go adopt a cat now.