People who say they can get out of bed and *just slay it* are lying to your face.

Because let's be honest, it takes time, effort, and makeup for we womenfolk to look as good as we want to 99% of the time. And that's OK.

Belgium-based photographer Barbara Iweins decided to capture people at two different times of day — first thing in the morning, and after they've done their hair and makeup the way they like it — and it's an incredible difference.

Iweins calls these photos "7am-7pm,” which is part of series "Au Coin De Ma Rue" (The Duality of Indifference).

The photos capture "the innocence and vulnerability" of waking up, Iweins tells Konbini...

Source: Konbini

...that eventually fades when you shower, get dressed, and do whatever it is you do to look nice.

But the photos also say, 'hey, it's OK to feel gross when you wake up. No one wakes up *absolutely perfect* and ready to greet the world.'

The portraits say that no one looks their best 100% of the time.

They say, 'no one is perfect.'

They say, 'it's OK to put effort into your look.'

They're permission to stop wondering if that beautiful girl on Instagram looks like that all the time. She doesn't.

And it's OK that you don't either :-)

Find more of Iweins' work on her website.

And on Instagram!

And don't forget to love yourself <3

h/t Konbini