Whether you're the proud owner of an army of tats or have yet to get your first, getting inked can mean different things to different people. If you've struggled with insecurities, been on a body journey, or just want a forever reminder that you're flawless AF, a body-positive tattoo is exactly what you need. Here are some amazing ones we found to inspire your next body art. 

This stunning piece reminds us that we still have growing to do.

Make your self-love club membership permanent.

We love the rawness of this piece.

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Celebrate the chub!

A body-positive mantra is always a winner.

We can't stop staring at this.

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Hilda is always a good option.

This curvy mermaid is giving us life.

Celebrate your back fat.

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No, really, celebrate your back fat.

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Consider this your daily reminder to never compare.

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