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If you're the sort of type-A organization nerd like I am, then you're always looking for a newer, more efficient, *prettier* way to keep your life in order.

I used to eat, sleep, and breathe Moleskine, but now I have found the true way.

Behold... the Bullet Journal!

Born on Kickstarter, the Bullet Journal uses a unique planning system of organizing.

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Bullet Journalers keep future logs, to plan in the long-term...

...monthly logs, to track short-term tasks and events...

...and daily logs, to track the day-to-day.

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The best part? The Bullet Journal system is completely customizable... and BEAUTIFUL.

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Bullet Journalers get super creative when it comes to organizing.

They add their own personality and flare to their journals.

And they take time to reflect.

Bullet Journals are catching on all over the world.

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Anyone can use it, and anyone can make it theirs.

Being organized is so much more fun when it looks good, am I right?

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