Disney princesses are synonymous with happily ever afters. 

Everything always works out for them, right? Not in photographer Shannon Dermody's world it doesn't. 

In an unnamed project created for a class assignment, Dermody uses the allure and overwhemling popularity of the princesses to draw attention to real world problems like alcoholism, rape, and suicide. Keep scrolling to view the viral project created by the photography major of Antonelli Institute in Philadelphia.

Sex Trafficking: Cinderella

Seeing the princesses in such terrible shape is absolutely sobering.

Alcoholism: Snow White

The project reminds us that abuse and addiction can happen to anyone — even your childhood idols.

Domestic Violence: Belle

“[The] concept I created was to show awareness of problems that are going on in the world today,” Dermody told DesignTAXI. “So I decided to use characters that are held in a very high manner to show real world problems that greatly impact today's society.”

Tobacco: Jasmine

Police Brutality: Tiana

Heroin: Merida

Pollution: Ariel

Rape: Aurora

The final image in the series depicts suicide — Rapunzel hung by her braid.

These things can happen to anyone, of any background, at any time. Princesses included.

Visit Dermody's website to view the entire project and her other works.