harry potter dudedoir

Zachary Howell, posing for Sarah Hester in a Harry Potter-themed "dudedoir" photoshoot.

photo: Instagram/sarahhesterphotography

Boudoir photoshoots are usually thought of as something that women do, either for themselves or for their partners. Women, however, aren't the only ones looking to get these steamy portraits done.

In October, photographer Sarah Hester released a series of photos from a sexy, Harry Potter-themed boudoir photoshoot, and the internet went NUTS.

Suddenly, dudedoir photoshoots were a thing that people were talking about again — and that men were doing. I heard from a few photographers and their clients about how dudedoir photoshoots make the men who do them feel about their bodies.

The idea for the Harry Potter shoot originally developed when Hester joked that her model, Zachary Howell, looked like Harry Potter.

Howell, a resident of Oklahoma City, said he wasn't nervous... but Hester was.

"Sarah had never shot a guy like that before, so she was nervous," he told Revelist via email.

Howell, however, said, "I'm really comfortable with my body."

After the Harry Potter shoot went viral, Howell and Hester did another one together, this time inspired by the show "Dexter."

"Being from a small town, and just growing up working hard with my family being poor, I come to appreciate the small things, so I don't let much of this go to my head," Howell said of the experience.

"It has inspired me to be more strict on my workout regiment for my fans," he joked.

Jenny Taylor, a photographer in the Midwest, specializes in dudedoir photoshoots. Her clients are not professional models.

Taylor only started taking dudeoir photos a few months ago, but now says "there's definitely a market" for it.

Her typical clients are "business owners, very successful men. They're blown away by the experience, and they usually want to come back in sooner than my female clients do!"

Many of her dudeoir clients come in wearing a suit and tie and stay that way; others start to disrobe.

"They want to look professional, classy," she said. These are photoshoots "for the everyday man."

Sometimes the photos are gifts for wives or girlfriends; other times, they're just for the guys themselves.

"Sometimes it’s the wife or girlfriend who inquires and buys the package, but usually it’s the guy himself," Catherine Leonard, co-owner of NYC Dudeoir, told The New York Post.

One of Leonard's clients told the Post that he was really nervous going in, but relaxed as they got into the shoot. 

"It really wasn’t as big a deal as it seemed in my head beforehand," he said. "You definitely get a spike in confidence after you do it, and I would recommend the experience."

"They’re often very nervous at first but, after a while, they find it liberating," photographer Mariah Carle told The Post.

"If they are doing it for a girlfriend or spouse, I’ll usually get the guy to bring underwear or maybe a special tie she has complimented him on."

"As someone who has never been in front of a camera before, I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect," one of Taylor's clients said.

But Taylor helped him feel comfortable during the shoot, which helped a lot.

"[That's] exactly what you need before getting in front of a camera," he said.

It was "just an overall 'feel good' experience that I will cherish forever," he added.