I love nothing more than a good tattoo trend. As someone who's heavily tattooed, it's always refreshing to see new ways that artists are transforming how we see tattoos — and that's just what this newest trend has done.

More and more frequently, "embroidery tattoos" are popping up on Instagram feeds everywhere, providing pictures of hyperrealistic tattoos that literally look like they've been sewn into someone's skin. It's utterly insane.

Below, see some of the best tattoos the embroidery tattoo trend has to offer. Warning: They'll make you want to book your next appointment ASAP.

Yes — tattoos that look like real embroidery are taking over the industry.

If you search for embroidery tattoos on Instagram, you'll find thousands of images like this one of a tattoo done by Mexican tattoo artist Bau Oliver. I'm personally rather intrigued by them, seeing as my mother is a quilter by trade — I think she'd geek out hardcore if I came home with this.

And they're so insanely detailed it's hard to believe they're real.

This bird by an uncredited artist has more detail than any of the others I've seen. Like, that shading! Those colors! This must have taken at least five hours to complete.

They really look as if someone took thread and needle to human skin.

Tattoo technology is amazing! Five or 10 years ago, this level of detail would not have looked this good. That being said, I'm not entirely confident about how an embroidery tattoo will age over time. 

They literally pop right off the skin!

This tattoo trend is visual magic hard at work. Literally, how is this even possible? Is it human skin? Is it fabric? What's even real anymore? I can no longer tell.

If you're looking for an updated take on classic tattoos, you've met your match.

This embroidery-style mermaid is an amazing take on American traditional mermaid tattoos, which are beautiful but also very common. You can use the trend to add your own kind of flair to any traditional tattoo subject!

People are also using the trend to pay homage to their favorite nostalgic pop-culture eras.

This embroidered take on Reggie Rocket from the hit '00s Nickelodeon series Rocket Power is serving us serious childhood nostalgia. It makes us want to go right back to our parents' house and sit our butts in front of the TV.

Quentin Tarantino? Yeah, he's here too.

Check out this surprisingly cute take on the ever-classic Tarantino film Pulp Fiction from 1994. The detail on this one is also crazy — look at those tiny little string curls the artist drew all over the edges!

Disney? Is that even a question?

Of course Disney fans have already gotten their hands on this relatively new tattoo trend. This Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland is a spot-on take of the mischievous character.

Naturally, fans of literal embroidery are loving the trend too.

Can you even begin to think of anything more meta than an embroidery-style tattoo of a sewing machine, the number-one tool used to embroider things. What's next, threads and needles? Full-on quilt tattoos?

This embroidery trend basically turns any tattoo into something way more dynamic.

Like, come through, innovation! And you too, artistry, attention to detail, and pure technical talent!