For most of us, glitter is a necessary evil. If you wear a lot of sparkly makeup, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Even when it comes in the form of a neatly pressed powder, glitter can get everywhere when accidentally overapplied or put in the wrong place — and where glitter goes, glitter stays, much to the dismay of people with carpeted or porous tile floors.

Don't even get me started on loose glitter — have you ever tried to apply loose glitter on your own eyelid? Instagram influencers make it look easy, but when any normal person attempts a sparkly cut-crease, they end up with glitter all over the bathroom counter and literally none on their face. Is there a single medium that's more difficult to work with?

An artist who goes by the moniker of Trilli clearly does not agree with my sentiment. Her whole ~thing~ is doing art with glitter. I'm not exactly sure how she can defy the glitter laws of physics like this, but she uses the sparkly stuff to create some seriously dazzling portraits of some of your favorite celebrities. 

The best part? She takes commissions! If you're ever in the market for some magical, glitter-packed wall art for your home, you've found just the right person for the job. Watch the video below for your daily dose of sparkle and to see just a few of the stunning artworks Trilli has pulled off recently.