Many people forget that, when they're not filming, porn stars live regular lives. They take out the trash, tie their shoes, eat dinner.

After all, they're just people.

London-based photographer Sophie Ebrard met porn director Gazzman at a swingers' party, she told Creative Review, and uses her camera to show another side to the porn industry.

She's followed Gazzman around for the past four years to capture his performers in some of their most vulnerable moments.

NOTE: Many of these images depict nude men and women, and are probably NSFW.

Ebrard's photo series, which she calls "It's Just Love," debuted at the international Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam this past September.

“Somewhat strangely, porn is ahead of the moral standoff," Ebrard said in a press release. "It’s completely open about what it does and, whether you agree with it or not, it’s actually creating something.”

Yet Ebrard's goal in taking these photos was "to humanize the individuals in front of the lens and show a lighter side within the industry."

Many of the moments are so normal, even funny. Ebrard recalls being at a porn shoot in a 17th century castle.

"And the scene stops and I go and introduce myself to the actor and he gives me his elbow instead of his hand, because he was kind of dirty, which was quite funny."

"It never happened again to me but I thought it was quite sweet," she told Creative Review.

People often ask her, is it weird being there? Is it awkward?

"No," she says. "I had fun and I have friends there and I enjoyed it. It’s like another set but people are having sex."

"They’re normal people; it shocked me how normal they were in a way."