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Up close, the difference is striking. It looks like I threw a flattering filter on my left leg — but nope, that's just a light coat of the Sephora foundation.

The application process was also extremely good.

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I found that the Sephora mist foundation ($28, Sephora) was, as all the spray products tended to be, easy to apply by yourself. Unlike the Sally Hansen product, though, the Sephora spray was sheer, with a slightly dewy finish. This meant that I could spritz a little extra over areas like scars or bruises, then blend out with a foundation brush, for some additional coverage.

And THAT'S what really sold me on this product: This leg makeup actually blends! There were no issues with weird lines or blobs or bald patches, which was a rarity amongst the products I tried. I used a stippling brush to blend around my knees, but I also had good results with a sponge.

On the left: Some of my fading, but still sore KP spots. On the right: The spots, hidden with a little bit of Sephora foundation and some clever blending.

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And the best part: No, this foundation ($28, Sephora) didn't irritate my skin, break me out, or aggravate my KP in the slightest.

I award the Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush foundation four and a half Barbie legs out of five. I didn't feel like Malibu Barbie with this on my legs, but I *did* feel like Malibu Alle... and that's even better.

barbie legs
photo: Alle / Revelist

The only reason the Sephora Collection mist foundation didn't get the full five out of five Barbie legs is because it only comes in six shades... and there are WAY more than six skin tones out there.

Come on, Sephora — doesn't everyone deserve to have the most stunning legs of their lives?

Finally, I clutched my credit card and went for it — I tried This Works! Perfect Legs Sculpt and Shine, $52.

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This BEYOND luxury leg makeup ($52, Net-A-Porter) isn't just leg makeup — it is "A sublime highlighter to define and shape limbs with an ambient golden glow."

Well OK then. For $52, this stuff better have a handsome man that comes with it to rub creams all over my legs for me, but we can get to that later.

This product has the most unique applicator yet — as this strangely uneven swatch shows.

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The Sculpt and Shine ($52, Net-A-Porter) is a thick liquid — definitely not runny, but does need blending. It comes in one shade (pale gold) and, right from the outset, looked really pretty.

The reason the swatch of Sculpt and Shine looks so weird? That's the long, flat rollerball applicator tip. You squeeze the soft plastic tube, then roll the tip along your legs.

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At first I thought this was a cool idea — what a good way to make sure you don't waste any of the expensive TWO OUNCES that $52 of human currency gets you. Right?

As with everything, this had a downside — but we'll get to that.

First, let's look at what $52 gets you in terms of leg makeup: A golden glow so subtle, it's almost — almost! — imperceptible.

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I guess that if you're someone who thinks $52 on a tiny tube of highlighter is NBD, you're into a very minimalist look. While this Sculpt and Shine ($52, Net-A-Porter) looks pretty enough, the results are TOO subtle for the cost and effort involved. For this much money, I want J.Lo's legs, you know?

And now let's talk about the effort expended to get this no-leg-makeup makeup look...

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At first I was like "Rollerball leg makeup ($52, Net-A-Porter)! So novel and cool!"

Thirty seconds later, I was like "This is a pain in the ass!" This product was *really* hard to get around the backs of my legs, especially my thighs.

The rollerball applicator also left literal TRACKS in the leg makeup *as* I was applying it! I had to blend it out with the palms of my hands just to make it look OK.

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The entire point of this applicator ($52, Net-A-Porter) was, I assume, designed so you don't waste any of the very expensive two ounces of product. It ended up all over my hands anyway.

Overall, I give It Works! Sculpt and Shine two pairs of Barbie legs out of five.

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Though I liked the subtle golden glow this makeup gave me, it was too much money for too little reward.

So after all this testing, what was the One Leg Makeup to rule them all? The Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush foundation, of course.

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That's right — the best leg makeup I tried isn't even technically leg makeup. This foundation ($28, Sephora), lightly applied, didn't make my legs look drastically different. It kept my legs looking like MY legs... just even more beautiful.

That, plus the fact that the wear and blendability of this formula was A+ makes it my pick for the best leg makeup of 2018. My hope is that Sephora Collection expands the shade range, because a simple six foundation colors is just not enough.

Me, thinking about how great my legs are gonna look this summer:

photo: Giphy

If leg makeup is your thing, get on out there are glow, baby, glow. And if it isn't — just know your legs are fabulous just the way they are.