photo: Blake Newby

I feel like everyone has their own cliché archetype within their own friend group. In mine, I'm considered the boujee auntie everyone adores (pardon my humble brag, but it's true). If you visit my Instagram, you'll come face to face with a multitude of comments such as "pls be my auntie" and "Kris Jenner poor AF." I'm not ashamed when I say that I often exude the aura of that rich aunt you only see at Christmas because she's been busy traveling the world. Though you don't see her often, when you do, she always comes bearing killer presents.

So, while parading around home in my whopping $7 silk robe from Boohoo with a glass of Barefoot wine in hand, something came to me. Why don't I channel my inner rich auntie into a gift guide for those I love? Because I'm a beauty writer, I'm often asked, "What are you getting everyone for the holidays?" Though gift cards are an easy choice, there's just no fun in those, and the boujee auntie in me just won't let myself succumb to that.

Here, I've listed what I'll be getting everyone important in my life in the next few weeks. Sorry to those who are included. Auntie Blake is spoiling the surprise this year. You are all welcome. 

For my classy AF mother who wants beauty products that sit and look pretty on her vanity. 

photo: La Mer

For my dad who's clueless about anything beauty-related except technology and teeth.

photo: Apa Beauty

For my makeup-obsessed brother who'll probably become the next RuPaul one day.

photo: Artis

For my designer-loving roommate who doubles as my charcuterie partner-in-crime.

photo: Dior

For my other roommate who's addicted to candles and expensive homeware.

photo: Diptyque

For my big sister whose room always smells like a perfume shop. 

photo: Byredo

For my real-life boujee auntie who knows nothing about makeup but loves a good tan.

photo: St. Tropez

For my grandma who is obsessed with the idea that I work in beauty and brags about it to her church friends. 

photo: Elizabeth Arden

For my bestie who's a natural-hair queen with curls always thriving.

photo: Devacurl

For my former work wife who cries at the very thought of NARS products. 

photo: NARS

For my cousin who's F*cking Fabulous in real life. 

photo: Tom Ford Beauty

For my friend who loves old-school music as much as I do.

photo: Milk Makeup

For my college friend who keeps asking about the benefits of jade rolling.

photo: Herbivore

For my sorority sister who's never caught without a fresh mani and pedi. 

photo: Christian Louboutin

When you're spending big bucks on your loved ones, it's important to nail exactly what they want. All it takes is a little listening and consideration to snag the perfect present.

photo: Giphy

And who doesn't love giving someone the gift of being boujee?