Kush Queen Bath Bombs and Shower Gel, Herb Essentials lotion, Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, Jersey Shore
photo: Angela Andaloro

Lately, there's no bigger trend in beauty than CBD oil.

As you may already know, cannabidiol — also known as CBD — is derived from the same plant as Mary Jane. In fact, CBD is one of 80 compounds called cannabinoids that can be extracted from the cannabis plant — though it WON'T get you high, and CBD products are perfectly legal in all 50 states.

CBD's inclusion in beauty products represents a big step forward. As marijuana becomes less taboo, people are learning more about the potential benefits of this plant. Beauty brands say that CBD-infused products have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and swelling, are anti-aging, and can even help treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Brands also claim that CBD can help with symptoms of anxiety, aiding many in helping them find their chill.

CBD sounds incredible. So I tried out five CBD-infused beauty products to see if this ingredient really lives up to the hype.

First I tried the Super Sativa Medicinal Hydrating Balm by Jersey Shore Cosmetics ($10, Jersey Shore Cosmetics).

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I was particularly excited to try this product, because I LOVE Jersey Shore Cosmetics. I was introduced to the brand through an Ipsy bag, and I've been hooked ever since!

It came at the perfect time — before using this soothing balm, my lips were very, VERY chapped.

sunburned, dry lips
photo: Angela Andaloro

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Too much fun in the sun lead to some dried out, burnt lips. My mouth was in dire need of some TLC.

But this CBD balm did not disappoint.

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It combines CBD with other all natural ingredients including coconut oil and cocoa butter. It goes on smooth and has a hemp-like scent to it. It was just what I needed for my dried out, sunburned lips on a hot summer day — my lips had never felt better.

The second CBD beauty product I tried was KUSH High Volume Mascara by Milk Makeup ($24, Sephora).

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I'm a major skeptic when it comes to mascaras. Finding a formula that gives consistently good results is not as easy as it sounds. Milk Makeup claims that the CBD oil in this mascara binds heart-shaped fibers to lashes to give amazing length and volume.

Here's what my eyelashes looked like before mascara.

eyelashes before
photo: Angela Andaloro

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My lashes are a constant battleground. They point down and rebel even when curled. Any help is not just appreciated, it's revered.

Here's what my lashes look like with one coat of Milk Makeup's KUSH mascara. Talk about a difference!

eyelashes after
photo: Angela Andaloro

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One coat of this mascara was an instant and marked improvement. I couldn't believe there was actually some lift! The formula was super rich and creamy without weighing my downward lashes down any further. I didn't have any issues with clumping, flaking or smudging. I also love that this kick-ass mascara is paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

In short — this CBD product made me a believer.

Next, it was time for my body to get some CBD TLC. I tried Cannabis Infused Body Lotion by Herb Essentials ($48, Herb Essentials).

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Because I've heard of the wonders CBD can work for problematic skin, I was eager to see what this body lotion could do for me, as I have eczema. Herb Essentials says that this lotion combines CBD with aloe vera, chamomile, and other organic ingredients to deliver silky skin.

Right away, I learned that you truly don't need a lot of this lotion.

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The first thing I noticed was the smell. This lotion reminded me of the signature pink lotion used at nail salons. Since I've always wondered what that was, I took this as a good sign.

When I applied it I realized that while the fragrance was the same, the cannabis-infused lotion felt loads lighter. It also left behind a slight tingle that reminded me of Tiger Balm.

When I rubbed it in, I was amazed. Not only did this lotion hydrate my skin, it totally refreshed my tattoo!

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I couldn't get over how seamlessly this lotion blended into my skin. Maybe it was the CBD, maybe it was another of the amazing ingredients, but it didn't leave behind a greasy or sticky feeling. A single pump was enough to not just refresh my tattoo, but leave my entire leg beautifully hydrated.

For someone who is used to thick, sticky lotions that swear to relieve all your skin woes, this was practically a miracle.

My next product was the Soaked CBD Shower Gel by Kush Queen ($40, Kush Queen).

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In all honesty, I was drawn to this product initially because of the 4.20 fluid ounce bottle. Kush Queen is also excellently reviewed, and this gel features 100 milligrams of pure CBD.

The main benefits of this gel come after you let it soak in: simply apply a half-dollar sized dollop to your sponge, lather yourself up, then allow the product to soak into your skin for 30 seconds before rinsing off.

soaked cbd shower gel by kush queen
photo: Angela Andaloro

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This shower gel is touted for it's healing qualities, and the brand recommends it for anxiety and inflammation.

I was waiting to feel that tingly, almost menthol-like feeling I'd gotten from the CBD body lotion, but it didn't come. Though I liked that the shower gel didn't produce too much skin-stripping lather, I don't feel like I got the relaxing experience promised.

Finally, I took a bath with the Nourishing Bath Bomb Complete Mini Collection by Kush Queen ($30, Kush Queen).

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I've only bath-bombed a few times before, so I wasn't sure what to expect from these Kush Queen bath bombs ($30, Kush Queen). The set includes five 10mg CBD bath bombs, each with it's own purpose: Awaken (for energy), Sleep (for rest), Relieve (for pain), Love (for passion), and Relax (for mood).

I dropped the Sleep bath bomb in a full tub after a long day. It made me so relaxed that I almost fell asleep mid-soak!

photo: Angela Andaloro

The essential oils and the CBD combine with a warm bath to relax even your most tense, overworked muscles. I hopped out of the tub about an hour later, and went to bed. I was asleep in just 20 minutes.

This is a record for a night-owl type like myself, who often has to work up to falling asleep over the course of several hours. Talk about amazing results!

So what's my verdict on CBD beauty products?

I've definitely liked what I've seen so far with these CBD beauty products. I see the potential of the ingredient in wellness, and I like the possibilities it carries for use in beauty. I'm interested to see where CBD will go as the market continues to grow, and these products become more accessible in all parts of the country.

Personally, I liked all the CBD-containing products that I tried, but did find that I liked some more than others. Milk's mascara will definitely find its way into my makeup bag.

In the meantime, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the latest products that promise to help me find my chill.