The abyss one falls in watching nail art videos is a deep one, at least for me. I can sit for hours on end watching nail artists create simple geometric shapes, watercolor illusions, and everything in between. And while I'll allow for it to consume hours of my day, I'd never dare try them myself. Why, you ask? Well this answer comes with a plethora of reasons. 

One, I have shaky hands, passed down from my mom, and couldn't hold the polish still long enough to make it work. Hence why I rarely ever paint my own nails. Next, I'm just no artist in general. For some, their strength is the ability to create masterpieces on a multitude of canvases. Me, on the other hand? Unless it's a face with a solid beat, count me out. And lastly, I simply don't have the patience. Honesty is the best policy, right? And that's my truth. It takes loads of time to focus long enough to execute such a task. 

OK — maybe I'm rambling now, but for someone so obsessed with nail art, it's no fun to have to acknowledge that I'm no good at it. However, for myself and anyone like me, I think I may have found a solution to that. A nail artist who understands our struggle and basically has dummied down how to create simple, yet super fancy looking nail designs. Behold. 

This edgy floating nail art is easy to pull off pinterest image

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