Take it from someone who's mastered the art of filing in both their own eyebrows and the eyebrows of others — applying makeup to your eyebrows is a lot easier and faster than many YouTube or Instagram tutorials make it out to be. Just trust me on this one.

In the past, you've probably been bombarded with countless videos depicting a 10-million-step process involving pencils, pomades, gels, and concealers. But here's the real secret: You really only need one of those things at a time, and you only need to be spending a minute or two tops on your eyebrows every day. Time is precious after all, and eyebrows are extremely important. However, chances are you're short on time in the morning and need a quick fix for full brows.

So, with all this being said, allow me to walk you through the three most basic, easy, and fast brow-filling techniques that will have you looking good and out the door in no time. The best part? You need to buy only one product — here's how to choose which type is the right one for you.