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Makeup is an integral part of a complete Halloween costume. It's the finishing touch that really takes your look to the next level, therefore it should never be taken lightly. And though everyone may not be a makeup expert, the spooked-out holiday is one time of year that even the newest of beginners may be willing to try something a bit above their skill level. 

So it's for that reason that we often rely on YouTube for not only inspiration but also for a bit of how-to. Ahead, check out five elaborate looks that are broken down step-by-step. 

Split Nose Tutorial

If you're really trying to give people a fright this year and want to try your hand at some special effects makeup, then this one is for you. This split nose look, created using soft putty, is the perfect look for someone who wants to go all the way creepy this year. 

Kryolan Soft Putty ($11)

This easily moldable soft putty makes creating special effects makeup a breeze. Even better, it layers masterfully with any makeup, so manipulating its hue is simple! 

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Wonder Woman

While it may seem like Wonder Woman is simple to channel, it's not so simple if you want to do it the right way. In this tutorial, Bri Hall masters a fierce look that includes intense eyebrows, a strong contour, and of course a bold red lip. 

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette ($6)

This deep contour palette highlights, shapes, and sculpts facial features for naturally enhanced definition.

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Phantom of Makeup Mask

"For DAY 3 of Halloweek, I wanted to revisit my Power of Makeup video, inspired by Shawn Mendes’ album cover! I’m left with this optical-illusion makeup look that almost looks like a glam Phantom of the Opera … And I AM LOVING IT!!!" Nikkie Tutorials wrote this time last year of the Mendes-inspired look. 

Certifeye Tropical Wonders Palette ($30)

As we all know, Nikkie de Jager loves lots of color, and this vibrant palette delivers extremely pigmented shades seamlessly on the skin. 

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Dark Vampire Makeup

With a glossed-out smoky eye and a lip that looks as if she drank a goblet full of blood, this elevated vampire look is sure to both mesmerize and spook out everyone at that same time. 

YSL Beauty Eye Gloss Smudger ($30)

This eye gloss with nonsticky texture can be used on top of any eye shadow to create a glossy top coat. Its nonsticky texture offers a wet-shine look whether it’s worn on a bare eyelid or on top of eye shadow for a high-intensity look. 

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The Little Mermaid

It's only right that we include an Ariel tutorial given that the reboot has had arguably the most buzz of any film all year. This incredible artist completely transformed both her face and body using a slew of makeup. 

NYX SFX Créme Colour ($10)

Specially formulated for special effects and stage makeup, this bold color is vibrant as ever, with an all-day hold for those who really want to create a masterpiece. 

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