Most of us don't wash our makeup brushes as often as we should. Even a beauty-obsessed girl like me is guilty of that. It's not something I'm proud of, but thanks to the hustle and bustle of my busy schedule, it gets hard to prioritize the cleaning the way I should. However, I can always tell when it's been too long. As someone with sensitive skin, my face will make sure to alert me when my brushes are in need of some TLC. I'll notice my face getting more oily than usual, or a single pimple will pop up here and there. It's then that I know that I'm way past due. 

And let's be real, the brush cleaning process isn't easy, and doing so, especially depending on how many you own, can require quite a lot of time. In addition, your brushes have to be cared for gently to maintain their shape and form; it's a heft process. But to avoid build-up, and keep them truly good shape, cleaning once a week is strongly suggested.

My cleaning days usually consist of a brush cleaner that I get from one of my favorite brush makers. It's pre-made, pre-mixed, and works like a charm. And while they get my brushes exactly where they need to be, there's only one issue. It can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of brushes or like to clean them in excess. 

Ahead, check out cleaner alternatives without the price tag. In fact, you probably already have these things in your home. 

How to Clean Makeup Brushes on the Cheap

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