It's one of the worst feelings ever when a favorite compact or palette drops on the floor. It's almost the same feeling that hits when your phone drops screen-down, and you're faced with the most agonizing 10 seconds of your life. As someone who immediately falls into a state of panic, I scramble to the floor to pick it up, and slowly open it. I peek in fear, hoping that the product is still intact. And when it's not, I'm faced with two decisions: Put it in a plastic sandwich bag, something that completely messes up my feng shui, or buy a new one. 

The same goes for when a lipstick breaks. When I'm doing my morning makeup routine, I often tend to move way too fast. In doing that, I'll sometimes put the top on the lipstick without rolling down the actual product. Foolish mistake, I know, but suddenly the bullet is smushed or hanging off the end of the packaging. I try to salvage it, but it's both messy and impractical to try to apply the lipstick while holding the actual end of the bullet with my hand. It's just not feasible. So once again, I'm left heading to the nearest Sephora to buy a new one. 

If this sounds like your experience, not all hope is lost. You really can put the makeup back together, and you can do it with these few easy steps. So sit back, relax, and prepare to watch some real makeup magic take place. 

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