The age-old saying that suggests everything old becomes new again in time. I know one thing is for sure: That definitely applies to hairstyles, especially curls. From chignons to finger waves to deep sultry parts, we've been seeing styles from the past iconic decades making their way right back around in recent years. 

But many of us aren't hairstylists here, and a lot of time our favorite looks from YouTube aren't so easily replicated. Some styles are definitely easier to re-create than others, but curls seem to be the thing that sends most people into a spiral of self-doubt. There are so many questions for creating great spirals: What direction do I curl? How long do I hold it there? Which is better to use, a flat iron or a curling iron

Well, as a self-proclaimed kitchen beautician, I'm here to tell you that it takes a lot of practice. My road to acing curls was a long journey, one that at times I feel like I still haven't mastered. Especially when it comes to that glamorous old-time effect that I try to achieve.

Well, have no fear. If you have a big night coming up, or are just looking for some old-school flair, here's a simple way to create those bold Hollywood waves we'll always be stanning over for years going forward. I think Marilyn Monroe would definitely be proud.