For those of us who don't constantly pick and chip at their own nail polish — whoops, sorry — nail art can be an extremely fun and simple way to amp up your look and express yourself with small details. That being said, nail art is usually best left to the professionals. They've had all the training and have very steady hands, which are necessary to pull of clean, tiny lines, blended colors, and proper jewel placement, among other things.

But depending on where you live, a full manicure with a moderate amount of art done by a professional can cost upward of $100. Let's face it: Few of us have that sort of money to spend once a month or every couple of weeks.

Thankfully, there are simple nail art techniques that you can achieve at home without a cosmetology license or the help of someone who has one. Ombré nails, for instance, are extremely popular and deceivingly easy to do with tools you probably already have sitting in your bathroom.

So sit back and watch this quick and easy nail tutorial that will have you digging through your nail polish collection stat.

How to Do Ombré Nail Art Like a Pro pinterest image

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