Taking selfies has become a huge part of social media fun and people are always interested in how to master the art. 

No matter the occasion, it's become universally appropriate to whip out a phone just about anywhere and snap selfies to capture the moment. 

Here are 13 tips for getting really awesome selfies, illustrated by the celebs who do it the best!

When you're looking for the best natural light, remember you don't have to run straight to the sunniest window you can find. 

Be careful what you wish for! An overload of sunlight will highlight every line, wrinkle, bag, pore, thought, and emotion. Take notes from selfie queen Kylie Jenner.

Stand a few feet away from your window or light source — right where you can catch a good ray of light without it beaming directly on you.

Always place your phone between you and the light source. 

If you are posed with the light behind you, then your picture is going to come out dark and you'll appear more like a silhouette.

Stand facing the light and hold your phone up so the light is hitting your face, but not beaming like crazy into the camera. Another way to prevent a too-bright light is to find a window covered by a sheer curtain or blinds. 

The head tilt is likely the most popular selfie pose, but SZA and Dascha Polanco prove a straight-on look is FIERCE AF.

Here's a tip straight from Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model: Crop out your cell phone in mirror selfies if you can. 

photo: VH1

Model Sandra Shehab of season 24 took this selfie in a mirror, using her cell phone. She angled her phone out of the mirror's view so well it looks like someone else took this picture for her. Pow!

Selfie lesson from Ashley Graham: Tilt your phone, not your head. 

Another Ashley Graham hack is to play with the contrast settings on your phone's camera, instead of using a filter. 

"I'm not into Instagram filters or airbrushing apps," she told InStyle. "Why not just be you? When my selfie needs a boost, I pump up the contrast to make it look sharper."

Don't forget to crop out the unnecessary. 

If you don't love your background or just want to serve some major face like Bella Thorne, then crop your selfie up super close. 

Get a cell phone-size ring light ($14, Groupon) if you're regularly in dimly lit locations but always need to snap a good selfie.

Please note that ring lights can give your skin a yellow or blue tint, so be sure to only use it when necessary *and* to grab one that has different light settings you can play with. 

The Impressions Vanity phone ring light has three light settings

Don't forget the magic of the selfie video. 

If you ever take a million selfies and hate them all even though you think you look great that day, then no worries. A short selfie video will catch all of your slayage accurately. 

The one-armed selfie shot is usually what people defer to, but holding your selfie with two hands is super helpful.

It will minimize the subtle hand movements we make when holding a phone with one hand and make your pictures sharper. 

People always say "know your angles." Here's how to find them: Go with the pose you know you ALWAYS look great doing. 

There's no uniform list of angles for every person. It's all about how YOU like to look. You can find these angles by taking a bunch of selfies (not like you don't do that anyway right?), then selecting the pose you really, really love. 

Then you just have to get in the habit of popping into that pose when it's selfie time. Lock down at least three different angles you love so not all your selfies look alike. 

That brings me to a MAJOR selfie tip: Don't be the person who takes the same selfie all the time. 

Switch the game up! 

People don't care to see the same duck lips selfie up and down their feed. Show off your selfie when you're wearing something cool, just switched your hair up, or wore a new lip color. 

The coolest selfies are the ones where you look like you're having fun, living life, and showing who you are.

Holding up the camera above you can churn out a really great glamour shot.

Photos shot from down below can also look stunning, as long as you're careful about not having the light source directly beaming into the frame. 

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