Confession: I own enough full brush sets that I could high-key fool anyone touring my bathroom into thinking I'm a professional makeup artist instead of a beauty reporter. The truth is actually the total opposite. 

While I love beauty products and spend enough time in Sephora that I should probably purchase some stock shares, I'm still nobody's makeup artist. In fact, despite the four or five brush sets in my bathroom cabinets and displayed on my counters, I actually do not get much use out of every single brush in my collection. I just really, really love makeup brushes. 

Mostly, I love them for nostalgic reasons. The nine-year-old inside of me will always gush over a Disney-themed brush set; one that is beautifully made is as good as mine. I also cannot deny myself a set at a ridiculously good price — like the brushes that are always on sale by BH  Cosmetics. If brushes come with an eye shadow palette, I'm also more likely to indulge. Sometimes I give them away as gifts, but I keep a lot of them for display or for getting around to using eventually

I still don't get too much use out of every single brush in every single set. It's partly because I have so dang many, but it's also due to the fact that I admittedly do not always know what each brush is meant for. On a full-beat day, I use the brushes that are specifically for foundation blending, applying setting powder, contouring (which I use for applying my blush because I don't contour anymore), and the highlighting (if I don't just go in with my fingers). 

There are tons of tiny brushes in my collections that I barely touch. Luckily, the Revelist team did a deep dive into exactly what every single brush is meant to do and how to use them all. It's time to dust off my brushes and get to work!
How to use every single type of makeup brush pinterest image

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