When it comes to creating a perfectly beat face, we makeup enthusiasts tend to think we have it all figured out! We bend some application rules, break a ton of them, and keep a few that we follow religiously. 

Of course, our beauty routines can be updated and switched up due to the cool tips we pick up from our favorite influencers and our fellow makeup-loving friends. Still, wouldn't it be awesome to have a professional makeup artist sitting on our shoulder every time we did our makeup to give us all the right tips and tricks? A fairy godmother of makeup, if you will!

After all, no matter how seasoned we are with a blending brush, none of us are 100% free of having an off day every now and then. Sometimes we overdo it with the highlighter (gotta get that glow!), under-blend our foundation, or forget to make sure we properly get our lipstick in both corners. Stuff happens! 

We all wish we could have an expert on hand to tell us to blend better, cut the crease a little sharper, or whatever it is that we could improve on. We couldn't resist seeing what that experience would really be like so Kala Riggins sought out the expertise of makeup artist Pierre Ellis to help her get the perfect beat. 

After Ellis watched Riggins apply her makeup, it turned out that there is A LOT she knew and still a whole ton she had left to learn. Check out the fun makeup process Riggins had with a real pro by her side and see what rating she got on a scale of one to Fenty Beauty!