Full transparency: I'm a makeup hoarder. As a beauty writer who gets to try out tons and tons of stuff, I keep almost everything. Not even because I'll use it —  I mostly likely won't — but because I seriously have a phobia of getting rid of things; it's bad.

But recently, I decided I'd had enough. I knew that not only did I seriously need to get rid of things, but I also needed to organize the things I was choosing to keep. I went on a search for makeup storage that could house my huge collection of lipsticks, palettes, brushes, complexion products, and lashes. There was a huge selection to choose from, but there was one major problem: For the kind of sleek and chic organization I desired, I'd have to spend a pretty penny. But that wasn't an issue for me, because on top of loving a killer beat, I also love a killer DIY project. That's where Revelist's own Kala Riggins comes in. 

So makeup obsessives, listen up. Are you tired of your makeup being unorganized? Do you want to constantly add more stuff to your collection but have no place to store it? Check out this video for some amazing, affordable, and easy-to-achieve DIY makeup storage that will immediately add some order to your life, and make your overall makeup routine more enjoyable.