skin for the gods

photo: Instagram @badgalriri

I will preface this list by saying this: Rihanna is a goddess. You are, too, of course. But Rihanna has skin that I think even cutting-edge aestheticians in the fanciest Beverly Hills salon envy.

It almost makes no sense ... until you start researching the products she simply cannot live without.

Turns out, she's a fan of naturally derived products and hydration. Me too!

Now if only I could afford La Mer ...

But fret not, because our girl loves a simple skin hack like the rest of us!

Read on to get the scoop on all the items Rihanna simply cannot live without. We even included affordable go-to items on the list too!

Moisturizing Cream by La Mer, $175

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Rihanna loves the luxe face cream for its hydration benefits, she told Elle magazine back in 2014 — and no wonder. It's got naturally derived ingredients like soybean oil, eucalyptus, and sunflower seed extract. 

Not to mention all the "mer" that gives La Mer its name. Algae extracts = anti-aging benefits up the ying-yang. And there's plankton extract aka whale food aka baby fine proteins that bind proteins to your face, giving you plump, happy skin. ($175, Sephora)

ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre Day ($385)

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Celebrity makeup artist Mylah Morales has worked with Rihanna a ton, and swears by hydrating creams, masks, and facial sprays. Morales says Rih is a superfan of this luxurious cream. A quick look at the ingredients reveals a laundry list of brightening and anti-aging benefits. ($385, Neiman Marcus)

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($18)

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Caudalie has mastered the formula of combining French luxury with simple, naturally derived ingredients. Morales suggests adding this Rihanna fave for on-the-go moisture. It can be used as a toner before applying serum, or sprayed on throughout the day for those no-makeup days. ($18, Sephora)

Marc Jacobs Setting Mist ($39)

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Hydrating spray, meet setting spray. This Marc Jacobs setting mist has sodium hyaluronate — which promotes cell turnover — and could be how Rihanna always looks so flawless. ($39, Sephora)

Vitamins and Supplements

In the world of Hollywood facialists, Tracie Martyn is the QUEEN BEE. She started as a makeup artist, then established a facial empire, even creating her very own line of products for her elite clientele — like Rihanna.

Martyn suggests purifying skin from the inside out. No amount of facials will give you the same benefits as a healthy diet.

For radiant, Rihanna-worthy skin, Martyn says you simply cannot live without L-lysine for breakouts and rashes, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, turmeric, and amla berry.

Water, water, water!

Even though BadgalRiRi is known for loving a glass of wine (as we all do!), when a big photo shoot is on the horizon, she cuts out the booze and bumps up the agua

This is obviously a tip that we've been hearing forever. But it's a real one — Rihanna follows the rule!

In order to achieve smooth, unbelmished skin like Rihanna's, your face needs moisture. That means laying off the sauce for a couple days, and chugging water instead.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation and Primer (starting at $24)

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Most makeup brands formulate their primer with the right blend of ingredients to perfectly complement the accompanying foundation. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line of foundation and primer is no different.

Rih wears Pro Filt'r complexion products DAILY — which of course means we want to as well. Pick them up at your local Sephora or online. You know you want that Fenty glow!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb ($18)

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While Rihanna is her own best advertiser for Fenty Beauty, her makeup artist attests to the fact that her universal shade of lip gloss  — Gloss Bomb ($18, Sephora) — is a daily staple in her beauty routine.

The peachy nude gloss packs high-wattage shine and won't destroy your wallet.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter ($34)

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The finishing touch on any look is a bit of highlighter. Rihanna puts a dab on the inner corners of her eyes, the tip of her nose, and, of course, the top of those cheekbones. 

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono does Rihanna's makeup on the daily, and knows no Bad Gal look is complete without this glow. And because Rihanna understands the shine better than no other, she's rolled out multiple colorways. ($34, Sephora)