First, allow Huda to demonstrate this pose...

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Now that you know there's a name for it, HAVEN'T YOU SEEN IT EVERYWHERE?

And in case you're saying "Yeah right, people don't REALLY pose like that," I found proof that ACTUALLY THEY DO.


Rihanna does it in Vogue.

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As does noted Instagram model Gigi Hadid.

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Zendaya is also a T-Rex hand fan.

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While Lupita serves it WITH A DAMN WOLF.

And Selena Gomez T-Rexes on national television.

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Meanwhile, on Planet Kardashian, Kim K wholeheartedly embraces the T-Rex hand...

And so does Khloe...

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Kanye even gets in on it.

But NOBODY gives T-Rex hand like Kylie.

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She is the actual QUEEN of this pose.

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Seriously. This is like her favorite way to hold her hands.

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Hell, she even T-Rexes OTHER PEOPLE.

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AND she can serve Triassic-era realness in her sleep.

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And in case you're thinking she's a newcomer to this trend, she posts evidence that she's been posing like this for approximately 500 million years.

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When reached for comment, Tyrannosaurus rex roared and made a smoothie.

More on this ~breaking selfie trend~ as we discover it.