A red lip is a staple of just about everyone's makeup routine. Even if it's not a part of their everyday look, it's something that every beauty lover should have in their collection. I know I personally look forward to the days when a bold red lip is required; it feels like a power move whenever I put it on, almost like a great pantsuit. 

But with a bright red lip comes one major problem: transfer. Most times, even the best formula will transfer onto anything it comes into contact with, from cups to napkins to, in my case, the bottom of my nose. Yes, I have a bad habit of pursing my lips and sometimes it transfers upward — I know I can't be the only one. 

And while I'd love to try out every long-wearing red lip in the world (it's the beauty and makeup obsessive in me), that's just not possible. So instead, I've found a few that work for me that don't have that ugly drying feeling. 

Lucky for you, Kala Riggins and I, two lipstick-obsessed Revelist team members, are ready to guide you in the direction of five transfer-proof reds that you've been missing out on. We put them through the ringer with a variety of tests in hopes of providing you with the best and (literally) brightest red lipsticks out there. The price range is amazing; you'll be rushing to your nearest Sephora to try them all out for yourself. 

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