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Dara Levy: Founder of DermaFlash.

Inspired by dermaplaning, Dermaflash removes the oldest layer of dead skin cells, built-up debris and peach fuzz, instantly revealing smooth, radiant, camera-ready skin. The device delivers spa-quality results at home in under 10 minutes a week. 

Check out the Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Kit ($189, Sephora) here! 

Cheryl Foland: Founder of Lilah B.

Lilah B. was created as a streamlined color collection of luxurious, multi-purpose products providing the modern day woman with only the tools she really needs. 

“I encourage women to be thoughtful and mindful of their purchasing and to declutter, minimize, and simplify their beauty routine with purposeful products. Beauty should be about quality, not quantity, and so I set out to create a healthy, ‘good for you’ collection that offers a flawless finish with ease,” Foland shared on the brand's website. Cheryl’s attention to every detail, from the exquisite formulations and luxurious textures to the sophisticated pebble-shaped packaging, provides a luxe, sensory experience like no other.

Check out the refreshing Aglow Face Mist ($48, Sephora) here! 

Vicky Tsai: Founder of Tatcha.

After a decade of working for large corporations, Tsai yearned for simplicity and authenticity in her life. Living with acute dermatitis and developing a keen awareness of the importance of ingredients on the skin, she began traveling east in search of a more evolved, holistic approach to beauty. On a trip to Kyoto, she discovered a world of pure beauty, craftsmanship, and heritage. An encounter with a modern-day geisha changed her life.

Today, Tatcha works with scientists in Japan and the US to create each formula from scratch, advancing time-honored beauty practices for fast-paced, modern life. The foundation is Hadasei-3, a trinity of anti-aging superfoods born from the Japanese diet and the basis for the original geisha beauty rituals: green tea, rice, and algae. Every ingredient is carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness.

Check out the new Dewy Skin Cream ($68, Sephora) here! 

Rahama Wright: Founder of Shea Yeleen

Established in 2005, by Rahama Wright, Shea Yeleen International, Inc. is all about empowering women. The brand employees women in West Africa and the US for the production, sale, and use of shea butter products. Wright has also made it a point to pay women a fair wage alongside teaching them business and production skills. 

Check out the Lavender Honeysuckle Body Cream ($19, Shea Yeleen) here! 

Charlotte Tilbury: Founder of Charlotte Tilbury Makeup.

This makeup extraordinaire has created one of the most sought-after beauty brands of our time. Tilbury was born in London and grew up in Ibiza; she traveled the world creating makeup looks for the likes of Grace Jones and Kate Moss. The creation of her makeup and skin-care line has resulted in countless sold out palettes, face creams, and foundations.

Check out the new Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss ($34, Sephora) here! 

Lauren Napier: Founder of Lauren Napier Beauty.

Her facial cleansing wipes have been described as having the power to replace your entire skin-care routine. The chic and on-the-go brand created by Lauren Napier will completely change the way you see makeup removal. Aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extracts deeply hydrate and smooth the complexion while reducing redness and inflammation in one simple step. Individually packaged cleansing wipes instantly remove stubborn makeup, environmental pollution, and impurities from the skin’s surface.

Get your 15-Count Cleanse Sheets ($20, Lauren Napier) here! 

Sarah Lee and Christine Chang: Founders of Glow Recipe.

With more than 20 combined years of experience in the beauty industry, Lee and Chang have created arguably the most successful one-stop destination for the best K-Beauty products out there. The recent launch of the independent Glow Recipe brand has resulted in some of the most Instagrammable skin care we've ever seen. 

Check out the new Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanse ($34, Sephora) here! 

Melissa Butler: Founder of The Lip Bar.

Melissa Butler is very familiar with the word "no." The Lip Bar founder, whose business pitch was turned down by judges on Shark Tank, has far proved her naysayers wrong. The non–toxic, vegan and cruelty-free line of colorful lipsticks was founded in New York City after Butler left her career in finance to dedicate her time to her successful makeup collection. 

Check out the Liquid Matte Lipstick here

Tata Harper: Founder of Tata Harper Skincare.

Tata Harper has been affectionately referred to as the queen of the green skin-care movement. Every single product made by the brand has a complex formula packed with most natural ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results without a single drop of artificial chemical. Just one glance at Harper's near flawless skin and it's obvious why her product can barely stay on the shelves.

Check out the Resurfacing Serum ($88, Sephora) here

Courtney Adeleye: Founder of The Mane Choice.

As Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye built her hair empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized knowledge base with her own curiosity. After taking to YouTube to document her healthy hair journey, Courtney’s personal healthy haircare journey became her calling, as her viewers watched her amazing progress and yearned for her self-discovered help with their own tresses. Currently, The Mane Choice is the only fully black-owned and operated haircare brand in the market. 

Check out the new Peach Black Tea collection here

Rachel Roff: Founder of Urban Skin Rx.

Urban Skin Rx has become an unparalleled line of clinical skin-care products and was developed by Rachel Roff, a highly successful licensed medical aesthetician and certified laser technician. Roff's goal for Urban Skin Rx is to offer scientifically researched corrective skin care products for all skin tones and colors.

Check out the Clear & Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads ($19, Target) here! 

Clementina Richardson: Founder of Envious Lashes.

When you talk to Richardson about her business, her passion is infectious. She's regarded as a true pioneer in the field of eyelash styling. Since the creation of her Envious Lashes salons, Richardson has built up an incredible list of international and celebrity clientele including Mary J. Blige, Naomi Campbell, Kate Capshaw, and Nicole Baharie among many others who keep coming back again and again for her amazing personalized attention and artistry.

Make an appointment here

Marcella Cacci: Founder of One Ocean Beauty.

Cacci's longstanding love affair with the ocean helped to inspire her beauty brand, One Ocean. Additionally, in beauty she's always felt like there are too many choices. She didn't want to spend all of her time testing skin creams or serums — she wanted to have the one product that’s quick and that works, then move on to other things.

Check out the new Bioactive Body Marine Cream ($114, One Ocean) here! 

Jamie Kern Lima: Founder of IT Cosmetics.

After leaving her television job in 2008, Lima went on to create the beauty powerhouse IT Cosmetics. “I quit my job, you know, before having really any type of safety net. It was a big risk, but I think you have to do it otherwise, you know, you have regrets,” Lima said in an interview with CNBC. In 2016, L'Oreal bought IT for a whopping $1.2 Billion. 

Get the new Confidence In A Foundation ($32, IT Cosmetics) here! 

Caroline Ansah: Founder of Luv Scrub.

The Luv Scrub has been used in West Africa for generations. Ansah's mother introduced it to her when she was around five years old. In 2011, after her friends began complimenting her skin, she decided to turn Luv Scrub into a business. The mesh body exfoliators have completely changed how people view bathing and continue to be a cute way to spice up your bath tub. 

Get your Luv Scrub ($18, Luv Scrub) here! 

Drew Barrymore: Founder of Flower Beauty.

Barrymore's straight forward, no-nonsense philosophy of empowerment is that women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price, and that's the entire basis of her Flower Beauty brand. Growing up in the makeup artist's chair, Drew has learned a thing or two about beauty in her decades-long career. Now as a mother, award-winning actress, entrepreneur, producer, and best-selling author she wants to share her passion.

Check out the Pop Fanatic Eyeshadow ($9, Ulta) here!