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Nowadays, we're spending more time than ever on video calls. Even if you had business video calls before this spring, chances are you didn't have birthday parties, family dinners, and happy hours via video chat.

If you're constantly shocked at how pale and washed out you look on Zoom (or Google Hangout, or Microsoft Teams, or whatever you're using) calls, you're not alone. These apps are known for making us look a lot worse than we already do — they flatten your features and dull your glow.

photo: Ileana Paules-Bronet

I, for one, am always disappointed at how I look on-screen. Yesterday, I was sitting around on my phone when I came across an article that promised a quick makeup fix for Zoom calls. I was skeptical, but decided to try it out for myself — and it totally worked!

photo: Ileana Paules-Bronet

This 30-second makeup hack is a total game-changer. All you have to do is quickly sweep bronzer all over your face (including places you wouldn't normally put it, like your eyelids, cheeks, and nose). Then, grab your favorite blush and go to town on your cheeks. You can even add a little blush to the bridge of your nose and your forehead, to give you a sun-kissed look.

photo: Ileana Paules-Bronet

Here's the deal, though: you're going to look absolutely insane in person. When you put on your blush and bronzer, you'll want to use your computer's camera instead of a mirror — that way you can find the right amount of product to use. To complete the look, swipe on a bit of lip gloss or balm. 

I went really heavy with the bronzer and blush to make it stand out in photos, but you can definitely use a lot less and still achieve a glowier, more alive look (I'll probably be a little less heavy-handed going forward). And then don't look in the mirror or go out in public (as my fiance told me, "you look like you have a spray tan just on your cheeks").

In order to make sure you appear bronzed and gorgeous on-screen, you'll want to use highly-pigmented products. I used Found Beauty's Baked Bronzing Powder in the shade Golden-Bronze and Found Beauty's Baked Illuminating Blush in Peach Glow. I finished out the look with Found's Mint Lip Tint in Berry Kiss.

Of course, taking this look off is just as important as putting it on, so once I was done with my video calls for the day, I wiped everything off with these Eucalyptus Detoxifying Face Wipes.