Ulta Beauty —  our one-stop-shop for all of our makeup, skincare, and nail needs. And while we may be able to walk the aisles blindfolded and STILL know our way, I bet most of you didn't know Ulta has been around since 1990... and has gone through several makeovers over the years.

But there's one Ulta that hasn't quite kept up with the times. According to Reddit, there's one Ulta store that still has the chain's original '90s branding. It's a literal beauty time capsule, and it has the entire makeup-loving internet flipping the heck OUT.

This is the Ulta of Buckhead Station in Atlanta, GA. The signs have NEVER been updated.

Reddit user Murrmeow posted this photo in a Makeup Addiction thread (of course) of her local Ulta, where the signage is still the same as it was back in the day. And it looks vintage AF. 

People were quick to assume that maybe retro '90s is the theme of the mall — lit, if so. But that proved not to be the case, as every other store in the plaza has signs consistent with the brands' current branding.

Pictured above is Nordstrom Rack of Buckhead Station, where the signage is clearly new and updated. 

And to make matters even more confusing, the Ulta sign facing the parking lot HAS been updated — several times over. But the signs for the store itself remain charmingly stuck in 1996.

Some Redditors were quick to blame the corporation for not paying to update the signs.

This comment reads "I wonder how long that bright yellow version was out for! I don't think I've ever seen it. Interesting that they've updated signs outside but not in the walkway. Maybe to draw traffic to the center but they figured once there people didn't need to see updated signs to get to Ulta? Always interesting seeing what companies spend their money on in their stores!"

But most makeup-lovers are SO here for it. Retro vibes for days, please!

Some people even want Ulta to get rid of their current logo and bring this one back permanently.

And others even want these '90s signs in their homes.

How dope would this be?

But for locals who shop at this Ulta on the regular? It's just another thing that makes their Ulta THEIRS.

And whether or not Ulta changes all their signs or never updates another font, we hope they'll never change one thing — our ability to walk into any store, anywhere, and immediately feel at home.

photo: Giphy