Who could forget 1999? Chokers were so in, eyebrows were sparse, and Maybelline Great Lash was the mascara choice of every cool girl around. It was a simpler time, and though those days have come and gone, the decade's influence on fashion and beauty lives on. So as we continue to reflect on the glory days and all that they had to offer, some beauty YouTubers are celebrating the '90s with hilarious throwback makeup tutorials

Jaime French is one of those YouTubers. Her hilarious rendition of faux makeup tutorials from the '90s is making waves on YouTube, and we're here for it.

The nineties were such a time. 

But they were missing one major thing: beauty YouTubers. However, makeup maven Jaime French may have changed that. Well, not really, but she just hit us all with a major #tbt tutorial that will have you wondering what any of us were thinking in the nineties. From icy eye shadow to unblended blush and hair with far too many clips, the looks in the video are hilarious because we genuinely used to think they were all the rage.

The video, she said, was inspired by a tweet.

It reads: "If there were beauty YouTubers when I was younger: 'Pull hair out of the pack with the hook and bleach. Roll body glitter on your chest, paint your nails with White Out, and just smear a pound of foundation all over your face. Make sure it doesn't match your skin tone at all.'"

Jamie French decided to make this joke a reality.

In her tutorial, she first used a foundation that most of us didn't even know still existed. 

The nostalgia set in when she pulled out the Maybelline Matte Dream Mousse foundation. Though we can't live without the drugstore-favorite brand to this day, how we ever thought that chunky formula was something we should have been using is completely beyond us. She applied the too-dark shade to her skin using a drugstore foam applicator, leaving a visible line of demarcation between the face and the neck. 

Then came the eyes. 

We should all legit be in jail for the ways we used to do our eye makeup. From the overly frosted shadows across the lid to the even frostier color that we would pack under our overly plucked brows, just about everything was wrong. Even worse were the clearly not-made-for-blending applicators that would help us accomplish these looks.

She even gave us a little throwback language refresher course.

Remember when we would speak to each other using all abbreviations? Well, considering that sending a text required typing on a T9 keyboard, this fad was actually pretty resourceful if you ask us. Think you can decode it? "Nothing much here, just chillin'." Is it all coming back to you now?

The end result looked like something straight out of a Lizzie McGuire episode.

The messy, clipped hair is something we all could have done without, but we did it anyway. She finished the look off with a dark liner, a high-shine Lip Smackers gloss, body glitter, and a Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray. We could smell the hallways of middle school just from watching the video.

The video proved one thing for sure. 

Though iconic, the nineties was a beauty period where we were completely out of our minds. Really, some women are still trying to regrow their eyebrows that they obliterated throughout the decade. Now that we're approaching 2020, we're looking forward to what the next decade will bring for beauty trends. Hopefully, there will be no more zig-zag parts.