Christmas just came early for '90s babies! 

After years of fans pushing for an Aaliyah tribute makeup collection, MAC Cosmetics just announced it will release a 2018 "One In A Million" makeup line in her honor. 

*does "Rock the Boat" belly roll*

The MAC x Aaliyah collection will drop in summer 2018, and will surely heat up the season just like Aaliyah used to do back in the day.

MAC Cosmetics hasn't released exactly what products will be included in the Aaliyah collection.

Aaliyah for MAC makeup
photo: photo: MAC Cosmetics

But I highly suspect products that highlight some of her signature makeup looks — like an eye shadow palette with dark matte hues to act as tribute to her iconic smoky eye from the "We Need A Resolution" video. 

A few lipsticks — particularly reds and nudes — have to be in the mix as well, right?! And we need an eyebrow kit because Babygirl, as she was affectionately nicknamed by friends, kept a popping eyebrow whether she was getting her tomboy style on or going full gown glam for a red carpet appearance.

I can't stop thinking of ideas for this collection so I need MAC to release this product rollout ASAP.

The MAC x Aaliyah collection is thanks to thousands of fans who have petitioned for YEARS.

The online campaign for an Aaliyah collection, started by a super-fan named Jennifer Risinger, has acquired 26,182 supporters since its petition launched in 2015. The Aaliyah for MAC Twitter page also started around the same time — which Aaliyah's good friend Missy Elliott follows by the way. 

And MAC has been listening the entire time. 

"Aaliyah is truly one in a million — an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all," the brand shared in a press release. "Today we join her countless fans in celebrating her with the announcement of the M·A·C Aaliyah collection. You made it happen!" 

MAC is also probably moving forward with the One In A Million collection since its previous collection honoring the late Latina singer Selena was so successful. Fans stood in insanely long lines when the collection was unveiled in Corpus Christi, Texas and I suspect there'll be a similar turnout for any MAC events related to this Aaliyah release.

MAC, my body is READY to receive this blessing.

photo: Giphy

Fans are so deserving of this long overdue gift.

Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001 following her video shoot for "Rock The Boat." Her career was at its peak and fans, including me, were left stunned. She was a purveyor of individuality and a trendsetter who had no problem stepping out with a full beat or going bare-faced in a baggy Tommy Hilfiger get-up.

Since her death, fans haven't been able to purchase her music due to family issues that unfortunately bled into her business affairs, so this One In A Million collection is extra special.

Having it is like having a piece of the beautiful Aaliyah who we all fell in love with, but lost entirely too soon.

May Babygirl continue to rest in peace. Our 2018 beats are about to be all for her.